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Finding JV (Joint Venture) partners…. Don’t you just dream of having access to millions of subcsribers using key JV Partners?

Sometimes it seems easier to get an audience with the Pope than to get access to the big list-owners! They appear to only JV with each other, and you need to be in that highly exclusive club to have any chance of getting their attention, right?


There is another way!

Don’t misunderstand me. There’s nothing as powerful as building up your own relationships and networking with the right people. That takes time and effort, but it is certainly worth doing.

However, there is a ‘secret’ fast-track route to getting your first Joint Venture off the ground – even if the only people currently in your network are your cousin’s brother-in-law and your pet hampster.

Using this method, you can save yourself weeks of work compiling a list of potential Joint Venture partners – and instantly access a select group with a combined list size of over one million subscribers!

AND you can get a JV expert to work with you on refining your JV offer.

AND you can take part in Joint Venture offers (so you can be the person sending out those offers to your list instead of always being on the receiving end of them).

AND you often get better-than-normal commission rates.

AND you can often pick up free review copies of products prior to their launch.

What is this ‘secret’ method?

It’s simply becoming a member of Ken McArthur’s jvAlert Membership Site.

This is one of the best kept secrets on the Internet. It’s a select club of IM Entrepreneurs whose sole purpose is to send out and receive JV offers. Look at all the above benefits that you get from membership. Amazing, isn’t it? And yet how often do you see anyone promoting the site?

Ken launched this very successfully a few years ago, but there’s been hardly any promotion since then.

When I found it, I thought perhaps it had gone stale, so I contacted Ken direct, and he reassured me that successful offers were being sent out very regularly and although the forum was a bit inactive, Joint Venture activity was powering ahead all the time.

So I joined – and he’s right, and I’m very happy!

Every week, I get the opportunity to promote several programs – and often get free access to the products/services to evaluate them.

AND – I’m planning on launching version two of the IM Index Mind Map using JV partners from jvAlert.

AND I’m going to get 1st class advice about my offer from Sid who runs the site for Ken. (I discovered that Sid is a user and fan of the IM Index Mind Map – so that helps!)

This is a membership that is definitely exactly right for me – but is it right for you?

If you have no list and no website of your own – it is definitely not for you.

But if you do…. Well, you tell me what price you’d pay for access to lists with over one million subscribers total?

Go and check the deal at the jvAlert Membership Site.

*** File under Joint Ventures – click for details.