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There are thousands of internet marketing “experts” selling to the internet marketing niche itself. But you can count on the fingers of one mutilated hand the number who specifically focus on providing serious advice concerning IM strategies and planning.

99% of internet marketing products are tactical, and their subject matter falls into one of three categories:

  • Techniques – such as traffic generation, traffic conversion, testing & tracking, market/keyword research etc.
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  • Content – such as PLR artcles, resell rights products, graphics etc.
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  • Blueprints – step-by-step instructions (at the tactical level) for running a particular type of internet marketing business
  • But despite the unbelievable wealth of information and support available – much of it very good (but a lot of dross as well) – the majority of would-be internet marketing entrepreneurs still make little or no money.

    Obviously, there is a percentage who will never make anything because they are lazy and/or incompetent: that’s the reality of life. But there are many others who are intelligent, hard working and committed – but who still fail to make any reasonable income.

    I believe a core reason for this is that they fail to think strategically, and fail to plan.

    And, like I said at the beginning of this article, precious few people are providing any support at this level.

    This is a topic that interests me greatly, and which I have been thinking about for some time.

    I have a series of products/reports planned that I will start to publish next year – but in the meantime, I have registered a domain and created a one-page site to announce these ideas. It is:


    If you’d like early notification of the availability of these reports, just add your details below.

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