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As an internet marketer, what do you need most?

  • Traffic?
  • Better conversions?
  • A bigger list?
  • A killer product?
  • A sure-fire process of spotting profitable niches?
  • Answer: None of the above.

    If you are typical of 96% of internet marketers, you need more FOCUS!

    (Let me include myself here: “WE need more FOCUS!”)

    I’d suspected this was the core problem for many internet marketers for a long time – just by looking at my own experience – and now that I’ve launched a product – the Laser-Focus Shield – that helps with precisely that problem, I’m getting evidence to support that.

    What causes the lack of focus? That’s all explained on the Laser-Focus Shield website.

    This is what one customer wrote:

    “I have tried for several (about 7) years to make money on the net, have spent thousands and haven’t even so much as $1 return to show for my efforts to date. And all the reasons why are exactly as laid out by you on “Laser Focused” sales page. “
    Graham Tresidder – New Zealand

    And just today, I received this:

    This might be the best IDEA I’ve seen in years, and I would charge a lot more Laser Focus Shield. The sales letter alone is very well done!….

    We started out with $37,000.00 in the bank …and we are down to less than $5,000.00. I had a kind but firm ultimatum from my … husband. “Honey, …You have to start making something substantial with this, or stop spending.” I think reading the Laser Focus Shield will help me more than anything else I have bought.
    Leah Cowan http://www.easy-internet-marketing-tools.com/ag.html

    I’ve priced the Laser-Focus Shield very low ($7!) because it is THAT important for everyone in the internet marketing field to get back control of their business.

    Oh – and you can buy the resell rights for peanuts as well!

    See what all the fuss is about here:

    Laser-Focus Shield

    Alex Goodall