If you’ve ever been frustrated about the time it takes to file away the information you download from the internet – even assuming you HAVE a half-decent organizational system – you need to watch these videos!



I thought I’d solved the organizational problem for Internet Marketers when I created my flagship product – the IM Index Mind Map .

Certainly it solves, once and for all, the problem of how to organize internet marketing downloads on your hard drive. Really, it does! Check it out if you doubt me.

BUT – it doesn’t solve the problem of people being too busy to even use it!

That’s why I’m developing the idea of DAO Installers (“Download And Organize” Installers)

Tell me what you think of this. Please add your comments to this post.

Thanks for your interest.

By the way: in the video I mentioned John Delavera’s Turbo Membership site. I highly recommend you checking that out.


Alex Goodall