How to Be Exceptionally Organized
In Your Internet Marketing Business

Monday 1st September.  7.00 pm Eastern


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What’s the most important issue with running an Internet Marketing Business?

Some would say have a great product and an irresistible offer, because with nothing to sell, no-one’s going to buy!

Others would say Traffic Generation, because without traffic, no-one sees your offer.

Others would say its Traffic Conversion, because all the traffic in the world is useless if no-one is taking any action.

Getting more sophisticated, you might say it’s getting sufficient Income Per Visitor (i.e. the total amount you earn, on average, for every visitor to your site – taking account the lifetime income you get from each customer).

And so on.

But, of course, ALL of those issues are important. You obviously need something to sell (somewhere along the line), and you won’t have a viable business unless you have traffic, and that traffic has to convert well, and your income per visitor is sufficient for you to be able to spend enough on generating MORE traffic so your business grows.

So what’s the problem for Internet Marketers? The formula is pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Perhaps it’s a shortage of advice? Perhaps people don’t know how to generate traffic or convert it or create a product (or find an affiliate product)?

But I don’t think that is the case. I suspect if you could search on the hard drive of any internet marketer who’s been in the business for a few months, you’d find eBooks and videos and audios and links to membership sites that are full of advice about all those topics.

So on that basis, I would suggest that none of those issues is the a critical issue.

I would say that the two most critical issues for Internet Marketers are:

  • Being Organized


  • Staying Focused

Staying focused means having a plan or an agenda and sticking to it: not being distracted.

Being organized means having processes and organizational systems (such a folder structures) so you know where to store all your information and records, and where to find them again rapidly.

I believe these are such important points that I created a seminar for Internet Marketers on just these two issue.

It’s on Monday 1st September, at 7.00 pm Easter – and it’s free!

(Find the time in your time-zone)