I’ve just been invited to join an affiliate program from Jimmy D Brown called Affiliatenaire.

Jimmy’s business model is remarkably profitable. For Jimmy.

He’s offering to teach complete newbies how to do affiliate marketing in 52 easy lessons. He will send out one 5 – 7 page PDF each week for a year and charge the customer $27 per month.

Think about it. He’s offering to sell a 312 page e-book, sent in weekly instalments, and charge $324, payable in monthly instalments.

It seems to me that this business model is designed with Jimmy’s profits in mind rather than the customers needs. How many newbies will have the patience to wait 12 months before they get all the information they need? Why should they? And $324 for 312 pages of information is exceptionally poor value for money when that information is simply basic internet marketing knowledge.

I won’t be joining Jimmy’s affiliate program.


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