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Just a few hours remaining for the better-than-50% discount offer on the IM Index Mind Map, described by one user as

“the most idiot-proof organizational system I’ve seen for organizing folders and doubling or even tripling productivity almost overnight”

And another user said this:

“Can’t say enough nice things about Alex’s product. Am raving about it…… Certainly I would rate it the most useful tool I’ve come across since I came online!”

There’s not much point in saying more here. Go read about it – and get the discount – on this page:

Ends at midnight tonight, Wed 30th September, Eastern time, (or when I get up in the morning!)

Don’t snooze!



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If you’re disorganized and you don’t mind it – you are lucky (and rare!).

But the majority of us disogranized slobs would much prefer to get our acts together. Doing so is an ongoing battle and requires constant vigilance and not an insignificant amount of discipline. It’s a strain.

And in the internet marketing world, the scope for being disorganized in how we manage our information and downloads and tasks and projects is huge. I mean REALLY BIG!

Which is why the value of my IM Index Mind Map product is really SO much more than you would initially think for something that just “helps you get organized”. I know from my own experience (I use it extensively throughout my working day) and from many customers that it creates a peace of mind that certainly passes my understanding!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a super-efficient, super-organized whizz (ask my wife!), but without my IM Index Mind Map I would be totally lost amongst the gigabytes of “stuff” and the multiple projects I have to juggle with each day.

Which brings me to “Organizational Peace Of Mind” and the 50% Discount.

I’ve been running a September Special Offer which (check your calendar!) has not much more than 24 hours to go at the time of writing this. Till the end of September (Wed midnight Eastern Time), you can get the IM Index Mind Map for just $37 instead of the normal $77.

The link to go to is this – which also explains the reason for the Offer…

Do take advantage of this.


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