How long is it taking you to get your internet marketing business off the ground?

3 months?

3 years?


Odd, then, that so many "systems" promise us riches after just a few weeks of following "easy step-by-step instructions".

My introduction to IM was a LONG time ago – longer than I care to admit, because it took me YEARS before I settled down to set up a proper business.

But it wasn't for lack of first-class advice from a proven master: I went to conference in the UK, presented by the legendary Corey Rudl. Many of you won't have heard of him because, sadly, he died in a racing car accident in 2005. Google his name, and find out more.

However, great though he was as a marketer, and first-rate though his internet marketing guidance was – he didn't set me on the road to riches in the way I expected.

Corey was no different from other IM guru's then or now in that he (and they – well, some of them anyway) did his best to provide excellent internet marketing advice and guidance.

The problem for so many people trying to make a go of internet marketing, is that the IM gurus are working very hard to solve the WRONG PROBLEM!

The problems they try to help us with are:

  • Finding a profitable niche
  • Getting more traffic to our site
  • Improving conversions
  • Figuring out how to use cPanel
  • Using the right plugins for our blog
  • … and thousands of other details

But think about it: if it is taking us YEARS to get our business off the ground, is that because we can't use FTP or because we don't know how to convert traffic?

Obviously – NO!

So what IS the problem?

Firstly – you need to look at it from a much higher level than the sorts of issues which most IM gurus talk about. It's a matter of PERSPECTIVE.

Secondly – as with all such problems, there is no single issue, but to figure out what the problem is for YOU – again, you need to have the right PERSPECTIVE.

What I mean by PERSPECTIVE is some "model" of the process of setting up an online business. This is what I use as the basis of my low-cost mentoring program. I call it the Internet Professionals Master Agenda

  • Stage 1: Asserting
    Getting rid of distractions and asserting your OWN agenda
  • Stage 2: Visioning
    Stating what it is you want to achieve from your online business
  • Stage 3: Understanding
    Learning what you need to know about the world IM in order to be able to do the next stage
  • Stage 4: Choosing & Defining
    Picking your Business Model and Operating Model, and fully Defining your business, keeping in mind your Vision
  • Stage 5: Planning
    Working out and scheduling everything that needs to be done to launch your business
  • Stage 6: Implementing
    Carrying out your Plan and Launching your business
  • Stage 7: Operating
    Running your business

Of course, all the other issues I mentioned above (finding a niche, getting traffic etc.) are critically important – but with the above Master Agenda, we can put them into context. For example, we know:

  • WHEN to even think about each of them
  • WHEN to do anything about them – if ever
  • WHO should do something about them (based on our Operating Model)
  • etc.

What I do with the Master Agenda and the mentoring program around it is provide the sort of help that I know would have signficantly shortened the time it took me to get off the ground in the online world.

When you sign up, the first thing you'll get is a detailed analysis – by me – of your current situation using the Master Agenda framework. This has proved to be hugely effective for my current mentees.

Try it out!