I’m grateful to Steve Johnson for introducing this to me.

If you’re interested in getting free backlinks, I think you’ll find it interesting.


The site is still in “Private Beta”, as they call it, but has already hit 12,000+ members.

It defies direct categorization..

Is it article marketing?
It is blogging?

A bit of both, I think.

There are many imaginative and creative features that are worth looking at, including:

  • Its viral-incentivised approach to getting new members
  • The fact that YOU get the Adsense revenue from displays of your posts
  • Its member-based quality assurance
  • The simple rules that help minimise abuse of the rating system
  • Strong competitive element for getting more exposure

The purpose of anyone being active there is pretty blantantly to get backlinks. Provided Google doesn’t impose a penalty on the site, this has very good potential.

I think (but am not sure), that there is an advantage to getting in early and clocking up your Q$ account before too many people get too wealthy.

The $100 – $500 per referall? That’s what you get for referring others to sign up. It’s not real $s. It’s Q$s. And the only reason to get Q$ is to get better ranking.

Overall, I like the site and the ideas behind it.

If you want to join, you need a member to refer you. Use this link:

Alex’s Page on Qassia.com