Time sensitive – essential tool available Free – TODAY ONLY – 24 May 2009.

I don’t do that much promotion of other people’s products, but here is one of the exceptions.

John Delavera’s new Delavo.

I could the say that the big attraction is that it’s free – but that would be misleading.

The big attraction is that it constitues a major piece of software that everyone involved in internet sales needs – an ecommerce platform. Specifically, a tool for managing sales, membership site subscriptions and affiliates.

You’re going to need something like that sooner or later. And you are going to need to use the most feature-rich tool you can afford because, as your business grows, so will your needs.

Even though it’s free (TODAY ONLY!) Delavo is as feature-rich as you’ll need – for now. But you’ll also have the option to purchase enhancements as you need them. So this really is an opportunity not to be missed.

I expect to be upgrading from my current JV Manager 1 tool (also created by John) to Delavo over time for exactly those reasons.

I’ll not say more about Delavo here, but strongly encourage you to get it NOW. You need to register on John’s list immediately in order to get it because at some time today, this opportunity will disappear.

Get eCommerce Tool for FREE

There are other things John is selling at the same time – of course – with the same deadline that may or may not be relevant to you, but I’ll mention briefly because there a connection with me.

1. Turbo Membership with huge bonuses

You can join John’s Turbo Membership and get a huge collection of bonuses.

Check what’s on offer. Despite what John would like to believe, his membership is NOT suitable for everyone. But there is so much on offer, it’s quite likely you’ll find enough that’s relevant to your operation to make it very good value.

I should also mention the link between Turbo Membership and the IM Index.

John provides his Turbo Members with a DAO Installer each month that contains his core products. This allows IM Index Mind Map owners to download and install those products automatically into the correct locations in their IM Index Mind Map – AND creates a log of what was stored where.

If you’ve ever been a member of a site that provides large quantities of content to be downloaded each month, you’ll understand how valuable that is!

(P.S. For now at least, I’m the person who creates those DAO Installers, so you can be sure everything is being organized correctly!)

2. Delaverian Marketing Course

John also has, what he believes to be, a revolutionary new course coming in June (delayed for various reasons).

As a Turbo Member, you’ll get 50% discount off of that. I know nothing about that, so I cannot comment on it, other than to say that John is a very smart person and you should expect something out of the ordinary. (Mark Joyner has given John an endorsement, which should count for something!)

But whatever you do – get on the list to get Delavo for free!

Get eCommerce Tool for FREE