I attend my first “London Lunch” yesterday.

This is a bi-monthly (every two months) event organized by Martin Avis for Internet Marketers within easy access of London.

It was a super afternoon. “Lunch” doesn’t really describe it, since we were in the restuarant from 1.00pm to 9.00pm!

Amongst the 20+ people attending, their experience ranged from “just about none” to “many years of experience and managing over a hundred sites”. We learned about each others’ approach, exchanged ideas, shared resource tips – everything you’d expect from a bunch of internet marketers with no agenda except talking to each other!

I was particularly pleased to have talked with Andy Hendry (www.turntoandy.com). Several of us got a lengthy session of Andy’s no-nonsense, hard-headed approach the business. Alongside a few useful personal suggestions, the thing I came away with mostly from Andy was a sense of his mindset, which I would summarise as:

– Don’t waste time on anything unless you know exactly HOW you’re going to make money with it (obvious, you might think – until you’ve been grilled by Andy!)

– Take action! (Andy seems to have mastered the art of managing a huge number of activities in parallel)
I also spent valuable time with Wendy Hearn (www.Business-Personal-Coaching.com). Her natural talent and love of coaching came through in the conversation. She asks good questions!

I also got to know Martin Avis better (http://www.kickstartdaily.com), and found he’d just written his 800th edition of hiw newsletter. To me, that’s a clear sign that there’s much I can learn from Martin – so I’m now a subscriber!
The one key take-away from the meeting, for me, is this:

Most of us could get a LOT more done (I’m talkling about 300%-500% improvement in productivity), and move our businesses on hugely by

– adopting a different mind set,
– setting much greater expectations for ourselves
– being laser-focussed, and
– being super-organized

I came to this conclusion by listening to what some of the lunchers had achieved, and some of the stories they told about other internet marketers.

It’s definitely not about working harder: it’s about the mind-set for working smarter!